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Balcony garden service bangalore


“By providing affordable and high quality residential landscapes, Garden of Joy has become a trusted partner of homeowners in and around Bangalore, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. Our team of experienced designers, architects, horticulture specialists and landscapers have worked together towards changing the way Landscaping used to be, creating numerous perfect client-centric landscapes.”


When it comes to enhancing outdoor spaces, and adding practical elements, Garden of Joy has fresh ideas and approaches to undertake any outdoor area. This is why we’ve gathered great landscaping solutions for bringing in nature into your house.

Terracota pergola fabricator
Terrace Garden Bangalore


We consider every landscaping project, be it big or small, an opportunity to create inspirational living spaces. Our techniques are superior, our designs unique, and we have a team of skilled individuals who can transform your surroundings into a magical world. We work towards creating that perfect affordable outdoor living space to make the whole experience a rewarding one for our valued clients

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