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Terrace garden lights

Terrace Garden

There is no questioning that a garden on the terrace looks aesthetically beautiful and improves the look of your home. It becomes a good place to entertain guests or spend time alone. Terrace gardens also help improve the house’s value considerably.

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What all work do we undertake?

Civil work

Civil work

Clearing and levelling of site, excavation for foundation, layind pcc and bed concrete are some of the works normally undertaken


Terrace waterproofing is very critical, as a roof is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains.


Tiling the roof or terrace will not only provide protection from monsoon but also from the extreme heat and direct sunlight.


Wood decking for your terrace exudes many benefits. One benefit is that it is a good insulator of heat compared to traditional plastic decking.


Pergolas are a great way to spice up a rooftop deck. It can also transform your outdoor space into an extension of the rest of your home.



Adding artificial grass to your roof deck is a great way to incorporate lush, verdant landscaping into an urban jungle



Ceiling blinds are essential for your skylight to prevent shade during hot summer afternoons. For more comfort we add remote controlled motor to them.

Terrace garden lights


Lighting plays an explicitly critical role in setting the mood right. A well-lit terrace adds life to your home, making it all the more charming and entertaining.

Vertical garden is a system used to grow plants on a vertically suspended. This is easy to create and has a lot of planting flexibility.

Garden landscaping


Plants and trees are the core part of a terrace garden. Our horticulturists will choose the ideal plants based on sunlight availibility.

outdoor fountain.webp


Nothing imbues tranquility better than a garden water feature, while making a powerful statement at the same time. 



The best thing about outdoor furniture is that it is weather-resistant and withstands some of the harshest conditions.


Privacy screens can be installed in various materials like PVC trellis, metal trellis or shera board.

Terrace room


Create terrace room in glass roof of puff sheet rooms with shera board walls or concrete walls depending on budget.

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