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Decorating your balcony walls

1. Pinewood planter boxes

Wooden wall panels are out of natural pine wood. These are lightweight, sturdy, can tolerate full sun, rains, and frosting cold. They come in two patterns - straight & Crisscross.

Suitable for any walls that you want to decorate using plants. Can be fixed on balcony walls, entrance wall, your drawing room walls, or boundary walls.

Planters can either be hung on them or wooden boxes can be created to place planters inside them.

2. Wall planters

Wall planters are perfect for small balconies. They can add a charming touch to any balcony or patio.

They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They can be made of plastic or metal and are suitable for any weather.

Small ceramic pots can be placed in them and can be easily removed for ease of watering and changing plants.

3. Artificial vertical garden

This lovely artificial leaves mat can be used on many different types of areas, such as drywall, concrete, dirty walls, wooden walls etc.

These panels give you the look of a live plant without the work of caring for a live plant and they look amazing year-round.

Artificial vertical garden comes in more than 25 different designs and all price ranges from low to high depending on the design.

4. Natural vertical garden

Vertical Gardens are panels of plants, grown vertically on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls.

Vertical Gardens are also referred to as bio walls, green walls, living walls or ecowalls.

They can be installed directly on brick/concrete walls, MS, GI, SS or Aluminium fabricated structures and are used for various applications like building facades, living rooms, partition walls, balcony walls, terrace walls, compound walls, etc.

Natural Vertical Gardens can be irrigated manually by water tube or through semi-automatic or fully automatic drip irrigation system.


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