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Ultimate guide to begin your terrace garden journey.

In the past decade or so, the number of people leaning towards an urban terrace garden has increased positively. The root cause of this is a terrace garden's remarkable bandwidth to bring a touch of nature into your contented house. Simple examples include a garden belt with delicate flowers or a go to vegetable station of yours where you keep your plump, fresh vegetables or It might even be the opulent setting you've always imagined for lounging and taking in the fresh air.

Let’s go one by one

1.How to make a terrace garden?

A. Design the layout of your terrace garden

Layouts can always be imagined in advance. Consider the following: Would you be content with a small collection of potted plants in a cosy corner or are you aiming for a large and lush garden with a nice corner where you see yourself moon-watching? Absolutely, it is entirely up to you.

Also, you may always turn to us for layouts.

B. Picking the right plants

It's usually ideal to choose plants that are simple to manage for new gardeners. If you make the catch, we can always raise the count and kind. At Garden of Joy, we assist you in choosing the appropriate plants by taking into account your place of interest's lighting characteristics as well as your maintenance needs. We include varieties of plant groups and variants in our designs.

C. Execution

The execution will be handled by our qualified team while you unwind.

You just need to plan ahead to take use of your terrace garden for the calm mornings and fun evenings. It seems simple, right?

D. Care for your new terrace garden

In order to have a healthy and thriving terrace garden, you need to take care of it with the care it deserves. Depending on the types of the plants you have, you may need to do routine maintenance checks to make sure that they are growing properly.

E. Some fun tips for you

1.Use the the appropriate furniture

2. Set the ambience on the terrace

3. Choose the perfect turf

4. Use unique planters and containers that are vibrant and elegant

5. Use simple and appealing visual elements

F. Submit your enquiry at or call us at 9599431438 and get your free estimate right now.


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