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Why is your DIY terrace/balcony garden not that attractive?

You have tons of plants on your terrace. You have spent months and lots of money getting plants from nearby nurseries and setting them up. Yet, there is something amiss. Let me tell you why.

  1. Old and broken clay planters

Clay/terracotta pots provide a touch of mother earth and are reasonable but they are so passé. Not only does the color fade easily but they also get dirty easily and can break with even a minor bump. Replace them with FRP or Coastal concrete planters to make your garden more appealing.

2. No homogeneity in planters

Some colorful ceramic pots, a couple of red clay ones, a few small plastic planters, is equal to disaster.

A garden is bound to look shabby when there are multiple planters of different materials. Get yourself some similar looking planters and repot the existing plants.

3. Planters are not completely full

When tall plants with big stems are planted, they leave the bottom part looking rather empty. Use small dwarf shrubs, some tiny flowering plants or some falling creepers on the planter such that the soil is barely visible.

4. Instead of multiple small plants, have a cluster of large plants

Increasing the number plants won't serve any purpose if they are not properly arranged. Arrange a cluster of tall plants in planters of various sizes in the corner.

5. Use pebbles

Pebbles add a whole new dimension to the garden. Get a bag of polished white pebbles and use them not only on the planters but also on the floor.


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