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Your guide to remodelling the balcony flooring

1. Artificial grass

Small balconies are generally tricky to decorate since there are generally a few furniture items, planters etc. that will be there as well, and you need to avoid making the space appear too cluttered with too many items. Adding artificial grass is a perfect solution for a tiny balcony. It takes up zero space, adds color and often helps to make the space appear larger.

2. Artificial grass with pebbles

You can totally transform your garden with pebbles. By varying the size and color of pebbles, you can create beautiful designs and patterns. With a natural color and unique shape, you can easily create a stylish design adding texture and contrast to your decor. In our urban lives, gardens are the closest we reach to mother nature. Decoration through pebbles is one of the easiest for making your garden adorable and eye-catching. These pebbles can even enhance the decorative look of planters.

3. WPC decking

WPC deck tiles are primarily made of wood, but include a thick layer of plastic that allows you to lock the WPC deck tiles in place and also allows for water to properly drain. Because the WPC deck tiles snap into place, they are extremely durable, capable of surviving any weather, and they look stylish in the process. We also allow you to choose the color of your composite allowing you to create the perfect balcony flooring for your apartment.

4. Wooden decking

Balcony decking can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to choosing the right material for your deck

For a lot of homeowners, IPE wood is becoming a popular choice because of its durability and strength. In fact, IPE is the second hardest wood in the world making it a great investment for your home. IPE wood is a strong and high-density type of hardwood that you can guarantee will last long in outdoor conditions. It doesn’t rot or decay and it is resistant to fungus, insect and mold infestation.


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