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A beautiful green lawn in the yard is the pride of every homeowner. Many people are passionate lawn enthusiasts and they do not spare time or effort to make their lawn perfect. However, not everyone has the appropriate conditions for growing and maintaining a perfect lawn.

Beautiful, highly durable, very practical and easy to maintain, artificial grass is used both indoors and outdoors. With the development of production technology and materials used, artificial grass now faithfully imitates the natural grass-like appearance by combining different thicknesses and colours of fibres. Artificial grass can be a great solution for a yard, terrace or balcony.

Artificial Grass

    • Grass Height variants - 30/40/50mm, Color : Natural green, Density: 16000 (Stiches/M2)
    • All season usage without any affect of rain. Minimum shedding. Durable and long lasting. Can sustain heat and heavy usage.
    • Can be use indoor and outdoor both. You can use it as carpet inside the house, for decorating balcony etc. It looks like natural grass and it is environment friendly.
    • Easy to clean. Minimal to zero maintenance. Pet friendly.
    • Please match the size with your space before ordering so that it matches your requirement.
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