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Fronytard garden landscape bangalore

Villa landscaping

Transform your villa into an enchanting retreat with our all-encompassing landscaping services, featuring meticulously designed gardens, expansive lawns, serene water features, ambient lighting, custom outdoor living areas, elegant pathways, sustainable irrigation systems, and dedicated maintenance to ensure lasting beauty and enjoyment."

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Natural grass
Expanses of well-maintained grass. Provide open, green space for recreation and visual appeal.

Garden deck landscape

Outdoor living spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Can include seating areas, constructed from materials like wood, stone, or composite decking.

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Landscape lighting to enhance safety and aesthetics. Path lights, uplights for trees, accent lights for architectural features and ambient lighting.

Garden bed landscaping

Garden bed
Areas designated for planting flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Can be designed with seasonal flowers, perennial plants, and decorative shrubs.

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Seating and functional furniture for outdoor living areas. Can include benches, tables, chairs, and loungers, designed for durability and comfort.

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Water features
Elements that incorporate water for aesthetic and calming effects. Including ponds, waterfalls, fountains and streams.

Garden patnhway landscape.webp

Hardscape elements to guide movement and accessibility. Made of materials like stone, brick, gravel, or concrete, designed to blend with the landscape.

Garden fence.webp

Structures to provide privacy, security, and structure. Made of materials like wood, stone, brick, or metal, designed to complement the overall landscape.

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Shade areas
Elements to provide relief from the sun and rain. Can include awnings, glass pergola, retractable screens or gazebos

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